Your Top 5 tells you what you need to be at your best

Each theme has different requirements that need fulfilled for you to be at your best. When you have what you need, you can come to any situation from a position of strength (a key concept in the T2S framework). When you don’t have what you need, you feel weak.

A powerful way to understand our themes is to think of them as a recipe for what we need to be at our best. Each theme calls for an ingredient.

I was recently speaking with a friend of mine in a situation where she didn’t know how to proceed. She said she “felt weak” in this situation and didn’t know what to do. We discussed her investing in speaking with an expert to gather more information. She had a realization, saying “You know me. I like to gather information before going forward and when I have enough information (Input is her #1 theme) I know how to make things happen.” One of the things that helps her be at her best is having enough useful information to guide her next steps.

Your Top 5 is an ingredient list for what you need to be at your best. For example, my Top 5 clearly spell out what I need to be at my best:

  • Strategic: I need to have enough information in order to lay out the various options so that I can quickly play through the scenarios and determine the best route.
  • Individualization: I need to have an understanding of the uniqueness of a person or situation. One size does not fit all and in order to find the right, custom fit, I need to either have the particular details or the ability to get them.
  • Ideation: I need room and freedom to explore innovative combinations. If someone restricts the options, I am unable to invent new and different ways to do things.
  • Intellection: I need time and space to think through things more deeply. If I have those, then I am able to find deeper truths this gives me confidence to know I am going about things in the most sensible way and that informs the actions I take. Without time and space to reflect, I will always wonder if there is a better insight left undiscovered.
  • Input: As I mentioned with my friend, I need useful information that I can use to the advantage of my other four themes.

Each theme needs something unique in order to unlock the best of your capabilities. Our trainings provide specific resources to help you identify and apply what you need. Not only does this give you insights into situations that hold you back or propel you forward. It also enables you to communicate those needs to important people in your life—family, a romantic partner, and co-workers.