Talent2Strength Mission

A Message from Adam

Why Talent2Strength? 

We believe the Clifton StrengthsFinder® is single best method for objectively identifying each person’s greatest attributes. Your talents top the list of your most important personal and professional assets, but identifying your talents is just the first step. We’ve developed easy, effective, and enjoyable tools to leverage your StrengthFinder® results into tangible benefits. You can expect deep understanding and practical application from our trainings.

We combine our 20+ years of consulting expertise with the Gallup SF Coach certification to provide clients with fantastic resources and tangible results. Our dynamic strengths‐based offerings are perfect for individuals and groups.

By far, the most frequent question people have is “How do I apply these insights?” This is not a complaint about StrengthsFinder®. Quite the opposite, it’s a compliment. They experienced the value from understanding aspects of themselves such as “I never knew there was a word for that trait I have.” It’s not just a compliment, but an expression of a need to understand more about who they are and how to navigate their life going forward.

Talent2Strength is a framework designed to compliment the information that StrengthsFinder® provides. It enables you to enhance relationships and create alignment so that you can do your best work, be your best self and build your best future.

Gallup’s research has found that the benefits of taking the StrengthsFinder® assessment are greatly enhanced when coupled with training or coaching. Talent2Strength provides both through a sequential learning process, known as the COIN model. We would love to partner with you on this journey!

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