Talent2Stength Train-the-Trainer (T2S T3)

In addition to providing team workshops and 1on1 coaching, we also offer an intensive program for those who want to go deeper with StrengthsFinder. This course is intended for independent coaches/consultants, in-house trainers, and organizational leaders. The T2S T3 is a great option for people who want to get the most out of StrengthsFinder for themselves and to guide others through their journey.

When properly introduced, people find the StrengthsFinder to be among the most beneficial developmental experiences. The primary hurdle faced by anyone who takes StrengthsFinder is how to apply it beyond just reading their results. That’s our primary commitment: to support people in living a strengths-based life.

For the past 7 years we have worked with thousands of people in a wide range of settings to refine our methodology as we strive and succeed to deliver the most effective system for applying StrengthsFinder available. Our approach is highly versatile, producing great results for executives, management, front-line staff, businesses, non-profits, students and families. Clients report experiencing greater effectiveness, confidence and emotional intelligence.




T2S T3 is a 12-week program comprised of 90 minute sessions with a small cohort of other professionals who are similarly passionate about StrengthsFinder. The classes occur over live video conference and led by the course instructor.


During the course, you will learn the following:

  • Foundations of strength theory, underlying principles behind the StrengthsFinder, and the latest research
  • How to guide people through their StrengthsFinder journey whether in groups (workshops) or 1on1 (coaching)
  • The Talent2Strength Framework, which includes our unique COIN model and Strength Thinking methodology
  • Training in the Talent2Strength tools and how to apply them
  • In-depth understanding of the 34 themes of talent
  • Techniques for marketing your services to reach wider audiences



  • The ability to market Talent2Strength workshops and coaching. This has the potential to be a very strong revenue generator for external coaches and consultants
  • Exclusive, professional materials only available from Talent2Strength, including all the resources you need to deliver training
  • Ongoing support from the Talent2Strength founder
  • Your own Document Generator (DocGen) account. Our online app that allows you to create customized T2S for your clients and retain their StrengthsFinder results. (More on this below).
  • Templates for all of our models, handouts and worksheets that can also be turned into impressive visual displays
  • Ready made PowerPoint deck that you can tailor to your audiences to adjust for length of workshop and specific learning outcomes
  • Access to all updated and new materials (we are known for creating innovative content)
  • The right to use our unique 34 theme icons



This is one of the differentiators of Talent2Strength. Currently, we know of no other StrengthsFinder organization that offers something like this. It was created to solve a very practical challenge: Creating high quality course materials in the shortest possible time. This allows you to create unique reports not available to any other strengths coach and keep all your clients’ Top 5 results at your fingertips.



Our pricing model is very unique. We want the Talent2Strength T3 to not only pay for itself, but to be a revenue generator for those who complete the course. It starts with the low initial cost of $2500—the best value for what you receive of any other program we’ve seen. You could compare it to programs that run $5500 and more. There is a $25 per person materials fee when you use T2S with your paying clients (compared with other programs that charge $100-150 per person). For the quantity and quality of materials you will have at your disposal, this is exceedingly reasonable and provides you with a great revenue model. One of the best parts is that upon completion the materials cost for your first 100 clients are free, leading to net cost for you of $0 for the certification, not to mention the potential for revenue. This pricing model will change in the near future.

To find out more, including course availability and any other questions, click here to send an inquiry.