1-on-1 Strengths Coaching

I welcome skeptics. I want people to raise questions, and I consider it my job to make the case for why CliftonStrengths is such a valuable and potent tool. If I can get [a skeptic] over the hump, then I can be confident that less-skeptical participants are also getting value. Adam Seaman

Sometimes, nothing beats a one-to-one approach to fully leverage your strengths. Our coaching program is based on the core concepts of Talent2Strength and pairs you with a coach to help you achieve important goals and overcome pressing challenges.

Our coaching is a perfect way to for you to leverage the insights from StrengthsFinder® to your particular situation. We work closely with you to overcome personal and professional challenges and identify ways to use your dominant themes in new ways. The basic coaching package includes 3 sessions to start and you decide if you want to continue with additional sessions. Coaching conveniently takes place over phone or video conference.


  • Highly individualized sessions
  • Confidentiality guaranteed
  • Accommodates your schedule

Talent to Strength COIN model